We help independent agencies with sales over $3 million with their back-end concerns. Are you in United States but need a Canadian presence or booking capability? Do you have the expertise at ALL levels of your agency?



If you need help making your professional business look that way, we can help.

Travel Technology


IATA, errors and omissions insurance, client management software, 3rd party accounting, and more.

Ticketing and Invoicing


We have the capacity and expertise no matter what your ticketing needs are!

Travel Accounting


HAS can provide expert assistance in Trams, Global Matrix, bookings. sales, and invoicing.

Industry Training


HAS provides training for your staff, either in-house, remotely using industry leading software or in our training facility in Winnipeg.

Enhanced Commissions

travel comission highest industry

Extensive “Top Tier” Preferred Supplier portfolio for the Canadian travel agency market.